Sounds Perfect – Charlene Farrugia’s new triumph (The Malta Independent on Sunday)

“With great professional competence, verve, vigour and delicacy, this young lady defended and revived the rather wan technical exercises composed by Mendelssohn. Guided by her infallible and great mnemonic ability, the 14-year old Charlene Farrugia played Chopin’s Scherzo in B minor in Horowitz’s tempo with an extraordinary precision, clarity and ease. She outwitted with an admirable espieglerie all the technical snares of this demanding work and demonstrated once more her crystal clear chords, delightful legato, awesome crescendi and soundful pianissimi with the very wise use of pedals. Charlene played Saint-Saens work with an immense energy and dazzling virtuosity. Her masterful performance of this extremely diabolical concert work provoked an outburst of indescribable applause.”