Pianist by the grace of God (The Malta Independent on Sunday)

“During the EPTA Competition in May 1999, the 12-year old contestant Charlene Farrugia left me spellbound with her performances of works by Mozart, Saint-Saens, Moszkowsky and Debussy. One year later, the 13-year old prodigy threw me into a tizzy with her masterful performance of Mendelssohn’s Concerto Nr. 1 with the National Orchestra conducted by the British conductor Jonathan Butcher at the Manoel Theatre. This young lady is the possessor of a fascinating and delicate technique. Her dazzling octaves and double thirds, her crystal-shaped chords, her huge legato in ascending and chromatic sclaes as welkl as her extraordinary staccato reveal a great talent and a great music intelligence. Miss Farrugia’s performance of Mendelssohn’s concerto was warmly applauded at the Manoel by a cheerful audience, seduced by the unorthodox talent, grace and charm.”