Charlene is proud to launch her latest solo Album KHACHATURIAN: Recitatives and Fugues, Children’s Albums I and II. This album presents grand melodic music, from intimacy and folk impressions to imposing statements and majestic polyphony.

This disk was released by Grand Piano Records and distributed by Naxos Records in March 2021. You can download or buy it by visiting the GRANDPIANO website.

Charlene recorded Fiorini’s Piano and Chamber Music on this disk released by Grand Piano records in November 2021. Trio Lamina features elements of Bartók’s ‘night music’ in its complex sub-sections, whereas Fiorini’s two piano studies, which predate his move to Paris, already exude a Gallic ambience. Influenced by North African folk music, the Piano Trio expands his global reach, and the Piano Sonata, a gritty virtuoso concert piece, shifts geographical influence towards Eastern Europe to powerful effect. All of these world première recordings were recorded in the presence of the composer.

The CD can be purchased from HERE.


Charlene accompanied trombone virtuoso Cheolwoong Lee to record the album Virtuoso Trombone Concerts Of Romance, published by Sony.

The album contains works by Ernst Sachse, Ferdinand David, Friedebalde Grafe and Eugene Reiche.

The CD can be purchased from HERE.



Charlene recorded the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra by Beth Mehocic with the Croatian Chamber Orchestra. This concerto has finally been brought to life after its creation 40 years ago by Navona Records. The concerto is a grand, thematic performance with bright brass, lively percussion, and swooping piano gestures, and its entry into the listening sphere is not to be missed.

The CD can be purchased from HERE.

Charlene recorded the Tango Concerto, a double concerto for piano, accordion/bandoneon and chamber orchestra, composed by Beth Mehocic with the Zagreb Festival Orchestra. The work is dedicated to Charlene and her husband, the Croatian accordionist Franko Božac. Under Ivan Josip Skender’s baton, the underlying tango rhythm can always be felt even when it can’t always be heard. A highlight is the second movement, a dialogue between the soloists based on a three-note motif not unlike the one that opens J.S. Bach’s Toccata in D Minor. The concerto is also neatly symmetrical, each of its three movements lasting exactly four minutes and a half.

The CD can be purchased from HERE.

Charlene recorded Charles Camilleri’s Piano Concerto no. 1 accompanied by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. The album ‘Mediterranean’ was released by NAXOS, the world’s leading classical music label known for recording exciting new repertoire with exceptional talent.

The CD can be purchased from HERE.