New Solo Album

I’m very excited to announce my latest solo album: Khachaturian: 7 Recitatives & Fugues, Children’s Albums 1 & 2

solo album khachaturian

About this Release

Catalogue No.: GP834 Release

Date: March 2021

Composer(s): Aram Il’yich Khachaturian

Artist(s): Charlene Farrugia

“Music is a physical, mental and spiritual process in which we try to convey a composer’s thoughts, transcending personal ego through basing our interpretation on the text before us. I feel very fortunate to have met and collaborated with the producer Ateş Orga, a writer of vast musical knowledge and deep analytical spirit. During one of our many chats, I discovered Aram Khachaturian’s largely unknown Seven Recitatives and Fugues, written in 1928–29 and revised in the late 1960s. Studying them, I was very surprised to discover there were no readily available commercial recordings – at which point I took it upon myself to come to London and repair the omission. The sixth Fugue particularly attracts me – one of the most complex and profound pieces in the collection. My choice of Khachaturian’s Children’s Albums 1 and 2 followed naturally since they harmonise beautifully in the overall mix. There’s great melodic music here, from intimacy and folk impressions to imposing statement and majestic polyphony.” — Charlene Farrugia